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About Us

The Australian Farriers and Blacksmiths Association Inc is Australia's organisation for men and women who make their living as professional farriers.

The AFBA began in 1984 in Victoria with a small group of Australian farriers that wanted to help organise the farrier industry and provide some direction for the future. Ever since, the AFBA has continued to grow into an association of national scope that is continuing to provide direction and growth for the industry.

Today, the AFBA promotes the profession and serves as a representative of farriery interests within the horse world. The AFBA actively monitors legislation and showing rules, and acts as an advocate of farriers in relations with veterinarians, breed and sport associations, and state and federal government agencies.

Certification, education, research, and communication projects promoted and administered by the AFBA are designed to help farriers provide improved service to horses and horseowners.

The AFBA is currently headquartered in Queensland, Australia and activities are co-ordinated through each of its State Branches.

Our Objectives

  • To promote interest in farriery and blacksmithing
  • To promote good fellowship amongst those interested in farriery and blacksmithing
  • To educate, train and encourage members of the Association
  • To represent farriers and blacksmiths to Governments and industry
  • To do all such other acts and things to promote the furtherance of the objects and interests of the Association


  • Farriers' and Blacksmiths' Competitions
  • Clinics and Seminars
  • Promotions and Displays
  • Social Activities

This Association runs Farriers' and Blacksmiths' Competitions throughout the year and each year a National Farriers' Competition is held. A different State hosts the National Competition each year on a rotational basis

A monthly Newsheet is published and distributed to all members providing all the current and relevant information.

The State Associations distribute a State Newsheet from time to time.

Throughout the year State Associations run clinics and seminars which are designed to help farriers and blacksmiths enhance their skills and learn from their peers. These clinics and seminars are usually given by experienced Farriers and/or Blacksmiths and occasionally from a visiting overseas expert.